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We manufacture L.T bus ducts of exceptional quality of the desired current rating and fault level which have the capability of conducting large amount of electric current through the aluminum or copper busbars. It is used in various industries to supply power from the secondary side of the transformer / outgoing side of the D.G set to the incomer side of the Main L.T panel / distribution panel. L.T Bus duct is the most preferred substitute to power cables. Usually it is preferred due to its high-power transmission ability. We design & manufacture efficient L.T bus ducts as the application demands or as per the customer’s specifications

Distribution Panel

Distribution board is a safe system designed for house or building that included protective devices, isolator switches, circuit breaker and fuses to connect safely the cables and wires to the sub circuits and final sub circuits including their associated Live (Phase) Neutral and Earth conductors. Distribution board is also known as “Fuse Board“, “Panel Board” or “Consumer Unit“. following are the types of Distribution boards.

Types of Distribution Boards

  • Main Distribution Board (MDB)
  • Sub Distribution Board (SDB)
  • Final Distribution Board (FDB)